Saturday, February 25, 2017

Stairway of Existence

We are not in pursuit of formalities or fake religious laws,

for through the stairway of existence we have come to Truth's door.

We are people who need love, because love is the soul's life, love is simply corporation's greatest joy.

Through the stairway of existence, O through
the stairway of existence, Hafiz,

have you now come, have we all come,
to the Beloved's door.


Saturday, February 04, 2017

Poinsettias in the Afternoon Sunlight

All day long you do this and the even in your sleep ...  pan for gold.

We are looking to find something to celebrate with great enthusiasm,

wanting all our battles and our life to make sense.

"I found it. I found I. I found it!" a hermit once
began to shout, after having spent years in
solitude, meditating.

"Where?" a young shepherd boy nearby asked.

And the hermit replied. "It may take a while.
but I will show you. For now, just sit near to me."

All day long we do this with our movements
and our thoughts... pan for gold.

The robins have left.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Last week, as our attention was so shockingly averted toward negative happenings, we decided to do something positive.

We brought another into our fold.

We named her Freyja.

Named after a nordic goddess who transforms into a falcon (her fur looks like feathers) and has a cart pulled by two forest cats.

When we brought Freyja home we realized how she so easily blended into our furnishings.

One moment she's with us....and the next moment she's off somwhere. Another dimension?

Oh, wait, there she is. She was there the whole time. Or, was she?

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Robins are Back

Although they have made themselves known in random sitings on neighbors' lawns and in the old oak, they did not truly arrive until yesterday.

Arrive the way that only Robins know how. Who could not have gone through their day, yesterday, and not have thought, "ah, the robins have returned."?

We exclaim it with delight! 
We celebrate their return! 

With their flight it is as if they clasp with their tiny claws the heavy tarp of summer, uncovering us of it so that autumn's clear, cool air can keep us company for a while.

Enjoy your stay dear robins. May we delight you in turn. We, for our part, will keep our birdbaths full, our soil organic, and there will always be trees for you to alight.

American Robin Fledgling
Flame Robin
Indian Blue Robin

Pekin Robin

Japanese Robin

Friday, November 11, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

Bok Tower Gardens, in honor of Sirius in the night sky, held a day in honor of the canine.

Tom and I already quite in love with the beauty and historical significance of Bok Tower and the surrounding gardens wanted to share the day with Willow.

It was, however, very, very warm. Languishing in the pools of water around the water spickets throughout the
various gardens were perhaps his favorite parts.
This, and laying in the grassy lawn with us under the shady oaks.

As we left, a photographer was set outside asking to take photos of some of the dogs. She said they may be in professional trade publications. Willow sat (and lay down) for a session. She said she'd send us a few of the prints.

We were hit in the rear in an accident on the way home, in the Kissimmee area. Our new Escape. No damage to see on our vehicle, but the young woman's car who had hit us was badly damaged. Her father was coming to get her.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summer Days By The Pool

There are no words only a musical background of some new groups that accompany us on these hot, lazy afternoons.
Elephant Revival. Wood Brothers. The Head and The Heart. Edward Sharpe  and The Magnetic Zeroes. The Avett Brothers (old stuff). Justin Townes Earl. Dave Rawlings. 

Willow is our first collie to like the water. He's not a swimmer (yet), but he doesn't seem to mind hanging out on his raft or on mine. He loves to play on the water from the hose when we're watering.