Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Robins are Back

Although they have made themselves known in random sitings on neighbors' lawns and in the old oak, they did not truly arrive until yesterday.

Arrive the way that only Robins know how. Who could not have gone through their day, yesterday, and not have thought, "ah, the robins have returned."?

We exclaim it with delight! 
We celebrate their return! 

With their flight it is as if they clasp with their tiny claws the heavy tarp of summer, uncovering us of it so that autumn's clear, cool air can keep us company for a while.

Enjoy your stay dear robins. May we delight you in turn. We, for our part, will keep our birdbaths full, our soil organic, and there will always be trees for you to alight.

American Robin Fledgling
Flame Robin
Indian Blue Robin

Pekin Robin

Japanese Robin

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