Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Day

My first day of the Vernal Equinox was filled with bird song and orange blossoms, blueberry griddlecakes and a fresh cut flower bouquet for the table and time with Tom, Masala, Ganesh, Alobar, Kudra and Emmett!

     I  wish everyone a joyous Spring!            Walks where you can taste the sunshine.         Open windows that welcome breezes of blossoms. Evening moonlight walks.  Hands in the garden dirt. Fresh cut bouquets from your gardens in small jars on your kitchen windowsills.  Planting herb gardens. Picking berries. Bees. Naps in the hammock. Naps in the rocking chair. Watching the cat roll and stretch in the sunbeams in the patio.  All these things and more...           
I am sharing a nest and bird file for making tags to all for a Spring gift. They are really pretty with a little brown or white glass glitter applied sparingly, here and there. Enjoy!

just right click, save to your files


Post Script: My beloved Ganesh died late in the evening on this Spring Day. Tom and I found him on the foot of the bed; his most favorite spot these last few months. We had spent a very nice weekend of play and "cuddling." Although I am heartbroken, he truly has helped me through some very difficult days these last few weeks. I think he stayed, even in his blindness and confusion to do so. Like a Bodhisattva, Ganesh shall be truly blessed.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March's Full Moon

Enjoy the Full Moon of March!

March Moon as Windblown - Dancing Moons Lunar TaleThe March Moon is known by many names: Moon of Whispering Wind, Plough Moon, Sap Moon, Ash Moon, Sore Eyes Moon, and Full Crow Moon. This is the Moon that represents the time of the year when we see the sprouting of new growth in the forests and woods. The wintery rest has come to an end and Earth slowly begins to wake in the whispers and howls of the March winds.


Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Walk in the Yard

These are some pictures I took of my walk in the yard. The plants are blossoming and the fruit trees begin to bear fruit. The bees are enjoying the warm sun on the pollen. And the Maple is in full leaf again.

orange blossoms -starting


first fig

aloe, not quite in bloom

the herb garden took a beating from the frosts, but should come back after a pruning


the maple in full leaf

looking through the moon gate