Saturday, June 11, 2011

Early Summer Moroccan Colors

Early in the Summer, when the daytime temperature rises, I think of exotic colors and spices. I think of the inner cities and sights of Morocco. I leave the towns and places along the sea for later in the Summer. It is the sights of Marrakesh, the red city, these things that this time of the year brings to mind.

Even home in a cave is brightened. How cool it must be as the temperatures begin to soar.

Enjoy these warm days and nights and let your minds, as just the hint of sweet sweat dampens your brows, take you to exotic places of intrique and spices and color. Do you hear music?



  1. I dream of visiting Morocco one day...the colours blow my mind! We are in the depths of a cold winter here, and your beautiful pics are a lovely distraction - dreaming of summertime again. That turquoise pool with the pink seating - ahhhhhhh!

  2. So very amazing! I can smell the spices and hear the music!!! :)
    Wishing you a joyful day, Brianne!

  3. Yay..Beautiful....such color-pizazz...i feel energized now with all of this powerful beauty and life igniting me!! Wow-wonderful...thankyou are awesome!!

  4. Lovely colors ... though they bring about a zing of energy, they also calm the spirit. You picked some lovely images to accompany this post. I especially love the old blue door ... how I long to step though its passage and see where the adventure takes me! Are note those slippers divine??? How could one ever choose a favorite???

    Wishing you days seeped in soulful peace ...

  5. Perfect summer colors - warm and spicy. Has me hankering for Middle Eastern food. :)