Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beautiful Things

It's not yet Spring; however, the Azaleas are singing joyfully about the yard. Their beauty is enchanting.

Perhaps the March gypsy is playing about the yards these days.

We bought a gift for the birds to enjoy as the Spring is to come.

We also bought a feeder for ourselves. Our vintage, 30 year old left and this one we have now. This is a meal of curried potatoes and roti.

She is a pretty hearth for the home, isn't she? Oh, the potential....

One more thing. I had these pictures in a desktop file. I don't have the information on who took the pictures. I want to share these as an intro to Spring. I'll do it and if you know any information about the pictures, let me know.

These "works of art," or works of joy remind me of the mandalas the Buddhist monks do in the sand - in a small way. It is because of their temporal quality. I also like the somewhat Unitarian artistic missive. Art for All!!

I put my art outside sometimes. Do you? I like to hang a picture or a collage out on the front of the house or on a tree or the fence. Sometimes, a piece looks just perfect under the old oak. Of course, these are the pieces I don't need to sell.

I love to work on the pieces I don't need to sell. I love to collage with pieces that I have bought from other artists. Do you ever add to pieces that you have bought? Add collage on to them or painted your "extra" joy onto the piece? I do it with clothing I buy from others as well. I like to buy clothing art pieces from etsy. Beautiful pieces. But sometimes I have an extra cloth or ribbon I have to add. If I could crochet like below.......

My sister, Megan, crochets and quilts and sews most beautifully. Like magic, she works on four or five pieces in her small bohemian beach house by the sea. She had an etsy site, but she most lovingly makes her blankets, and quilts and napkins and washcloths and pillows and.... for her family and friends. Me included!!

I would love to do this to my bike. Well. I mean ask Megan to do this to my bike ;) Tom says, "What about the mud puddles?" He's such a realist.

Travel in joy.



  1. Beautiful flowers indeed! Spring has arrived!

  2. So much beautiful color!!! I won't be seeing anything pink until about June 1 up here.
    My sister was the one in our family that could sew and knit and crochet. Everything she made was gorgeous. Me? Well, that's a different story. :)
    Hope you are having a great week, Brianne!

  3. So beautiful! Love the crochet as I am teaching myself to crochet right now. We are finally getting settled into our new surroundings in Seattle. Haven't seen you around blog land in a while and wanted to say hello. You always have such a beautiful way with words when you visit. Hope all is well...take care, Becca