Monday, September 19, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

Bok Tower Gardens, in honor of Sirius in the night sky, held a day in honor of the canine.

Tom and I already quite in love with the beauty and historical significance of Bok Tower and the surrounding gardens wanted to share the day with Willow.

It was, however, very, very warm. Languishing in the pools of water around the water spickets throughout the
various gardens were perhaps his favorite parts.
This, and laying in the grassy lawn with us under the shady oaks.

As we left, a photographer was set outside asking to take photos of some of the dogs. She said they may be in professional trade publications. Willow sat (and lay down) for a session. She said she'd send us a few of the prints.

We were hit in the rear in an accident on the way home, in the Kissimmee area. Our new Escape. No damage to see on our vehicle, but the young woman's car who had hit us was badly damaged. Her father was coming to get her.

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