Saturday, March 19, 2011

March's Full Moon

Enjoy the Full Moon of March!

March Moon as Windblown - Dancing Moons Lunar TaleThe March Moon is known by many names: Moon of Whispering Wind, Plough Moon, Sap Moon, Ash Moon, Sore Eyes Moon, and Full Crow Moon. This is the Moon that represents the time of the year when we see the sprouting of new growth in the forests and woods. The wintery rest has come to an end and Earth slowly begins to wake in the whispers and howls of the March winds.



  1. Hope you enjoy the moon! I am very much looking forward to the renewal of the earth. Went on a nature walk today and collected some treasures. Good to be out and just breathe...Theresa

  2. So many different names for such a beautiful moon! :)
    Indeed, I took a look under the crispy leaves from last Fall and found a few teeny-tiny green shoots.
    Happy Spring, Brianne!
    ~ Zuzu

  3. Brianne,
    A grand dame, such as the moon, truly doth require such multifarious identifications, does she not? Her magnificent roundness the other night was a GLORIOUS sight to behold. I awoke late in the hours and found the rooms of our nest bathed in pools of silver. When I gazed outside the window, I was held breathless at the giant orb suspend before me.

    You honor the moon beautifully in your works... they are truly glorious creations. Wishing you a bright and blissful week ahead ... may the days be filled with sparkle!