Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Walk in the Yard

These are some pictures I took of my walk in the yard. The plants are blossoming and the fruit trees begin to bear fruit. The bees are enjoying the warm sun on the pollen. And the Maple is in full leaf again.

orange blossoms -starting


first fig

aloe, not quite in bloom

the herb garden took a beating from the frosts, but should come back after a pruning


the maple in full leaf

looking through the moon gate



  1. How lovely. Have you had thoughts of getting different varieties of maple? Maybe putting them in large pots? They love pots. I enjoyed the stroll through your place. *smiles*

  2. So pretty! I'm in Louisiana and we're getting some things in bloom too. Yay! Thanks for the lovely photos.

  3. How lovely! We are so far behind you up in NY state. Today is very rainy and my happiness lies in the fact that most of the snow is gone!


  4. Magnifique, Brianne! Over yonder shore the Mother Earth has awakened! I am most envious!!! ;) I have spotted a few wee buds on some greens and the bulbs are indeed spearing through the earth, however, we have a long way to go to catch up with you!

    I absolutely LOVE the aroma of orange blossoms!!
    We have a mock orange tree just outside of our bedroom. When the blossoms are in full glory, their scent is near intoxicating!! I can never get enough of that heady aroma!! :)))

    I love the closeup of the bee ... thank you for sharing the gracious beauty that surrounds you. I am now more anxious than ever for my turn! :)

  5. These photos are so gorgeous - they have me dreaming of warmer days. We are starting to see many buds in the yard - so I am hoping that the fledgling signs of spring are here to stay! Theresa

  6. Gorgeous!! How beautiful Brianne!!..thanks for taking me on this magical walk of fabulous blooms and buds and nature's beauty!! awesome!

  7. I enjoyed the walk and I love your moon gate. :)