Friday, May 13, 2011

Keys Locks and Doors

I recently added feathers and beads to skeleton keys that I bought on EBay. One, I made for the house, and I added two hawk feathers, clay "bones" and symbolic pieces for Tom and I. The other one I made for Tom as a gift for starting new employment. It has three feathers: a hawk for watchfulness; a blue jay for tenacity and a parrot feather for gregariousness and getting along with people. Anyway, while I was working with the keys, I realized that our society has over the last decade or so, lost our connection with the art of the key and lock.

We now have fobs and cards that swipe our entry. Yes, it is more convenient than having the heavy keyring, but so much less intriguing. So, I have put together a post dedicated to the beauty of the key and the lock and the doors that elude character and beauty and charm.



                    To the Key and the Lock and the Door!

I hope this post has inspired you to "characterise" your favorite or a secret door and to keep a key to a lock with a symbolic meaning that will give you strength and inspiration.



  1. What a wonderful post! I do love finding vintage skeleton keys and like using them for artistic and jewelry designs. I keep the ones that "speak" to me. They have an aura of mystery about them. Theresa

  2. Great post! I'm happy to report that I still use locks and keys! Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. I love old hardware and interesting doors - you found some beautiful examples to share, Brianne! One of my special treasures is a skeleton key that belonged to my great-grandmother. :)
    Wishing Tom happiness and success with his new employment and a very happy weekend to you!

  4. Dearest Brianne,
    I wholeheartedly agree ... the locks and keys of the past are much more fascinating. I have a small box that contains skeleton keys from my grandparents farmstead. I love your idea of affixing feathers to them. I shall have to try that. How do you attach your feathers, if may ask?

    Brianne, I can't thank you enough for the comment you left for me on my posting "Purity". My heart aches for your losses ... while each of us experiences bereavement in our own way the sorrow that seeps throughout one's being is Universal. I wrote a response to your commentary on my blog, should you want to take a peek. Thank you, for not turning a blind eye on such a meaningful writing. Warmest of hugs, I send your way.

    P.S. Best of wishes to Tom in his new employment ... may he find new adventures and challenges in the days ahead! :)

  5. you're absolutely right! in older times keys were a piece of art.
    love the photos!
    happy week!

  6. There is something magical and mysterious about old keys and locks...I just love this beautiful post you have put together and am completely spellbound by that deep purple door with the old rusty hardware...beautiful x

  7. I have a key on a beautiful piece of art you made me.