Sunday, May 22, 2011

Putting on the Apron

I bought a new apron the other day.  It is not, however, really an apron for 'cooking and cleaning." 

I like to put an apron over whatever clothes I have on for the day. It gives me a freedom of being able to load up items in the skirt or pockets - if the apron's design includes pockets - and carry them from one place to the other. I like, in the winter, the extra 'insulation' of an apron. In the summer, I can wear whatever flimsy tee and not worry about 'show through' when I throw an apron over top.

I wonder if these women also thought the same thing.

I think I see a flimsy tee shirt or two. Prairie style...

My cooking/cleaning apron, I purchased from Anthropologie years ago.  It is wearing through in parts. I love it, though. I guess, I can find some flower fabric at the thrift store and patch up the holes. The basic integrity of the apron is holding up.

I'm sure I won't be the first to patch an apron.

The one that I just bought is from an Etsy shop called  CreoleSha. I love that is a tee shirt type material.

I love a Spring Garden.
I don't think that their aprons are made of tee shirt material.

The apron that I wear in winter is made of wool. I bought it on sale online on the Anthropologie site. It was larger at one time.....

I liked the pink color and to be able to add just another layer on top of a sweater and jeans in the winter to keep the chill off.  I really like the pockets as well.

Her pink apron looks warm as well.

Another full apron I have I purchased from the same place that I purchased the dress that the aprons are wrapped around: consciousclothing, on Etsy. The apron is made of hemp and linen. It wraps around the back. 

Did I tell you, I dropped my camera a few days ago?
Ever since, it seems more difficult getting the camera into focus..

A good hemp/linen apron will last for many, many years.

I also have a work apron that I put on when I work with the terrariums or with other rather messy projects. I originally bought it to replace my flowered one, but it didn't happen. You can see why.

This is an older photo. I don't have dreads (baby dreads) anymore...

Lastly, what about the half apron? I don't really like to wear one. I do have a little red one that I may wear with a skirt or with jeans to funk up the outfit. It is another Anthropologie buy. I bought it many years ago, when Anthropologie was a ten page catalog!

Again, out of focus. Sorry. But you get the general idea of the Oriental print. It is silk with a velvet trim and has a little floral applique. A fancy apron!
Speaking of funky aprons, check out this one from Calamity Kim's website. I would trade my flowered apron in for this one!

Gypsy pockets apron

I know that women wanted to free themselves from the apron; the assigned job of cooking and cleaning and child rearing. I look forward to the times when I can unencumberedly put on my apron and have the time to prepare the foods for the week; to bake breads; to set up the dehydrator. I love picking vegetables from the garden and including them in the daily consumption of the family. I know it is because I have help doing these things and they don't have to be my sole identifying persona. The fact that I can  continue with my "career," or take on the responsibilities of the "homemaker," makes the "putting on the apron" so appealing.

I can not even imagine what it must have been like to not have had these choices. I thank all the women who went through the struggles of women's rights all through history. Thank you for the contributions each has made in creating an environment for women, for me, that allows me to be joyful when I put on my apron.

I had forgotten that aprons are really a "rage" craft at the moment. I remembered when I Googled "aprons." 

I loved finding these pattern images.

circa 1970's -- NO ruffles, please.

circa 1922

sunbonnet and apron all in one.

Here is a link to 24 free apron patterns. I think I'll make number 6. I can get the recommended material from the thrift store.

Enjoy your apron or lack of!



  1. Hey there! I loved this post. I've been toying with the idea of getting an apron. I can be messy both in the kitchen and the art studio. I love the ones you showed here. Thanks for the etsy shop references - I love them both! I'd make my own - but I sadly cannot sew. I love that Gypsy apron, too. :) Theresa

  2. Hello Brianne,
    You look so darn cute and natural sporting an apron! I tried wearing one a couple of times and it just wasn't meant to be. There are so truly fabulous and funky one's out there! Have you seen the aprons by Funktion? If you go to you can order on-line from the company direct. I use the dishtowels and tablecloths and I absolutely love them!

    Thank you, for your visits and heartfelt comments. Wishing you a blissful week ahead ... warmest of hugs, I send your way! :)

  3. I haven't worn an apron in years since I mostly run around in jeans & Ts, but I remember my mom, aunts & grandmothers wearing them all the time. In fact, your 5th image reminds me of picking apples with my great-grandmother - I climbed the tree to reach the apples up high and she caught them in her apron when I tossed them down.

    I LOVE your aprons, Brianne! Now you've got me rethinking aprons! :)

    Wishing you a happy one,
    ~ Zuzu

  4. Hi Brianne, this is such a fun and interesting post! I love all of your aprons, and anything made of hemp/linen is the best in my book. I have a Starbuck's apron I wear when playing in my art room. I love it because I love Starbuck's & my hubby got it for me a long time ago when he knew someone working there.
    I just LOVE your little area where you are working on a terrarium! I'm getting so tired of living in the desert.
    Have a lovely Sunday!