Sunday, October 16, 2011

Honoring Sun Day

As I said in yesterday's blog post, Alobar's enjoyment of the cooler Autumn weather has been noted by the swaying sound of the hammock on the porch. I was able to take a couple of pictures today.

On this Sun's day, he pays tribute in little ways. The alter to the Sun lays out for any who wish to take a moment to sway in the warmth of the glorious rays; to mix up molecules so that the altar, the honoree, and the Sun all become one.

I only imagine that Alobar is in the moment and has no possible want or need for these thoughts.

  May we enter
  Into lightness of spirit,
  And slip frequently into
  The feel of the wild.

  Let the clear silence
  Of our animal being
  Cleanse our hearts
  Of corrosive words.
           (excerpt from To Learn From Animal Being, John O'Donohue)

After I took these pictures, I  had a lie down for a few Sun Day morning moments on the hammock in the Autumn Sun's light, enjoying the seasonal warmth and the golden breezes. Tom was at Hospital on call so I had some hours alone to play and be introspective. I had an awesome CD playing chakra meditations. I have been playing it in the house for the last few weeks and have felt a stronger aura of love and kindness within and throughout the house and gardens. The CD is Tibetan Chakra Meditations, created by Chris Michell and Ben Scott. I have other chakra meditation Cd's, but this one is different; you sometimes don't even know that there is music/sound playing, there is just a feeling of balance. I have included a link to the Heart Chakra, compassion, below. Open up and enjoy.

Peace. (If not interrupted by the Screaming Parrot)

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  1. Super beautiful post Brianne! Thanks for this wonderful post and meditation! Pure bliss!