Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Slow Awakening

Today, I have found the effort to reinvent the essence of my blog: the colors and the template. I have kept up with reading all my favorite blogs over the summer months; I just haven't had the gumption to add anything to mine.

I think that we who live in the South have a sort of "cabin fever" that we experience in the summer rather than the winter. Some days, I felt like a slug, just barely able to slug myself into the kitchen to put together something to eat and something for tomorrow's lunches. The animals also experience this slug metamorphosis. The cats were in sleep mode within moments after eating. They moved ever so precisely to the coolest part of the house- the north front door stoop where we have a screened, small patio- as the temperature and humidity rose. However, just these last couple of days, I have seen the old one, Alobar, a cat with an otherwise quite envious coat of layered fur, chase lizards in the back patio along the screen. I hear the hammock swing on it's chained stand as he jumps on it to take an afternoon nap in the late afternoon Autumn sun. His little sister, Kudra, joins him. Her Siamese heritage allows her to keep her "cool" throughout the summer, much like me. She and I are the ones who will be suffering when the North winds begin to blow in the months to come.

But, now the sluggishness of summer is leaving us day by day. As it leaves, I realize that I have read more books than I can count; I have stacks of papers and magazines and odds and ends on tables throughout the house that need clearing and closets that need reorganizing. The gardens need tending now that the mosquitoes are not as prolific in number as they have been these last few weeks. I feel awake! I am looking forward to spending more time under these Florida Maples and relishing the joy of each moment of this journey.



  1. Welcome write so beautifully of your slow summer. It was almost as though I were there with you. I love the new look of your blog - so peaceful.

  2. Love the new look. Glad you are writting again. Diane

  3. Happy that you are back, Brianne!

  4. I used to live in Florida. I never got used to those hot summers. Now I live in NE Ohio and I'll never get used to the bitter cold LONG winters. So in the winter I dream about the south haha. Our summers make up, well almost, for our winters. Your winters make up for the summer. Your cozy home makes me think twice about Fl.


  5. Kathy: I think about getting a little trailor for moving me and the family around where we all can be experiencing landscapes and seascapes that make us comfy and cozy all year round! How about it?? I think that NE Ohio would be so nice this time of year!