Friday, November 18, 2011

Lunching with My Favorite Ladies

I had a really nice lunch in the Dog House.

No, I lunched at Yellow Dog Cafe with my Mother and my sister, Megan.

It is a little "shack" that has been transformed to a quaint cafe with riverfront dining. Being a vegetarian, that limits my like for creams and eggs, I have found menu and slightly off-menu choices from the "award winning" chief, also available. My Mother and Megan found enjoyable seafood choices and salads.

The warm Autumn afternoon view of the river, actually our Lagoon, was sensational. The golden sunlight glistened off the rippling water as the tarpon jumped. A dolphin fin occasionally broke water; it always is a reason to draw a companion's attention. We enjoyed all this from inside looking through the enormous window views.

i broke off yellow dog cookie's little tail...
 I had a quiet riveting verse of Happy Birthday sung to me by the "sing because it is joyful" ladies as a little carrot cake was brought with a candle, lit with the semblance of the light of a new year of joy to come. By the cake was a little yellow dog cookie. So adorable!! We all shared the cake, it is what you do with cake on someones' occasion. You commit to share in their joy, hopefully, to come...

So, Megan asked as I blew out my candle's flame if my wish came true. Yes. It did. I was having lunch with my favorite ladies.  

Life is full of times that sparkle with the gift of Love.



  1. Well, Happy Birthday to you Brianne! I also love going to lunch with my mother and sister. The cake was sweet looking too. Just the right size for a special lunch birthday dessert.

  2. So sweet! Happy Birthday, Brianne - this looks like it was absolutely perfect!

    Thank you for popping by my little blog. I made that little fairy chair from sticks one summer, and Heather posted it when she announced the giveaway winner. :)

    Wishing you & yours a beautiful weekend!
    ~ Zuzu

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Brianne! ;-)
    I have been away for too long from blogging and I have missed so much!
    What lovely photos of you with your mum and sister.
    It looks like you had a very special day and you can't beat a nice piece of carrot cake on your birthday... Yummy!

    Best wishes and blessings,
    Jo. x

  4. Yay, what a beautiful post! Lovely photos...a magical time! Thanks for sharing friend!
    PS; I often have trouble leaving you a comment..please know I so enjoy your posts and sharings! Hugs and sparkles!

  5. Oh...and a VERY Happy Birthday to you..wishing you many sparkles anmd magic all year long!

  6. Thank you for joining us at the Yellow Dog Cafe. Happy Birthday.Stuart