Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My little gift to you.

If you have a few moments to read; then I offer you this gift.

The following is a blessing offered by John O'Donohue to me on my birthday. You can consider this as a birthday blessing for yourself as well on your day .... It is from his book, To Bless The Space Between Us. Yes, it is from this same small but powerful book that I have been picking up and finding insightful, soulful blessings these last couple of months. I also added a couple of pictures of places that I would choose to spend some of my time today...


Blessed be the mind that dreamed the day
The blueprint of your life
Would begin to glow on earth,
Illuminating all the faces and voices
That would arrive to invite
Your soul to growth.

Praised be your father and mother,
Who loved you before you were,
And trusted to call you here
With no idea who you would be.

Blessed be those who have loved you
Into becoming who you were meant to be,
Blessed be those who have crossed your life
With dark gifts of hurt and loss
That have helped to school your mind
In the art of disappointment.

When desolation surrounded you,
Blessed be those who looked for you
And found you, their kind hands
Urgent to open a blue window
In the gray wall formed around you.

Blessed be the gifts you never notice,
Your health, eyes to behold the world,
Thoughts to countenance the unknown,
Memory to harvest vanished days,
Your heart to feel the world's waves,
Your breath to breathe the nourishment
Of distance made intimate by earth.

On this echoing-day of your birth,
May you open the gift of solitude
In order to receive your soul;
Enter the generosity of silence
To hear your hidden heart;
Know the serenity of stillness
To be enfolded anew
By the miracle of your being.



  1. That is so beautiful! Blessed are we for having read it. :)

  2. Brianne, this is so very lovely. Thank you for sharing it. I felt its spirit and power. I hope you had a lovely birthday.

  3. Beautiful words and blessings. I also love the photos. I wondered if the images are of your home!
    If it is your home, you are very blessed to live in such tranquil surroundings. My kind of place to live as well. ;-)

    Have a peaceful day with much joy!
    Jo. xx