Saturday, January 07, 2012

Mini Album

I like this little mini album because it is a way of recycling not just on the book, but by reusing many materials and having fun.

I should have shown the steps from the start; however, they are not difficult to visualize.

1. Scavenge: The album usually originates as a child's tiny cardboard book, or it could possibly be one of those little adult inspirational books. The ones that are for children are often of the Christian faith and found in the children's section. They are best to find used because of the cost, so have a nice hunt at the second hand book stores or book stalls at the fleas. For the mini albums, I keep a box for little pieces of ribbon, paper, buttons, sticks, tags from clothing and food items, and other interesting items that I think I would be able to use again and add to it as I find things "fun and functional."

2. Prepare Surface: Once you have the book, lightly sandpaper the pages. Then give them a once over with white gesso. After that you can paint, seal, paper or do whatever turns you on. There are endless possibilities and the tags and additions are all recycled papers and tags from different projects and "stuff." You can treat these just like any mini album  and You tube gives you an endless array of ideas for decorating in short videos. I have only done three and have two more books left. I even have one book that has cut out "windows" throughout.

3. Have Fun: I put this one together for my Mother's nurse. My Mom wanted to give her something "Japanese" because she had just adopted a little girl from Japan.  I tried to incorporate Japanese oldschool and newschool prints as well as "young" happy book about new life.

Now, I can start some other things that have been boiling inside. Like the crotchet mandala-dreamcatchers.  I was messing around with some materials last night and came up with these little Snow Bees. They are really tiny, about the size of the pinkie finger and half the length. Since I named them, they have grown little wings (feathers). I plan on hooking a few of them to colorfully adorned slight branches and placing them in vintage glass vases.
This weekend I am going to go looking for the vases at the thrift stores.

Until later.



  1. I love these little books, and the Snow Bees are so sweet! I have been playing with watercolors again - painting tiny pics. January is such a great time of year to nest & create!
    Wishing you a happy one, Brianne!
    ~ Zuzu

  2. Oh Brianne! I SO love that book and those snow bees!!!! Both of these creations are so beautiful. I am most fond of birds. Thank you for sharing how you created the book! :)