Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two Seasons in Florida

When the Season passes to this one: No Mosquito Season in Florida, my mind wonders to living in the Tree House.

The cool breeze of the North Florida woods lightly lifts the ivy from the window sills as I mix the granola.

Masala has to be lifted by a levy these days; his arthritis prevents him from making it up the stairs.

Like always, we backpack the cats up. There are just two these days.

The parrot, Emmett, comes up in his little "travel cage."

Tom and I, with cracking knees, hardly make it up without injury.

But, when we settle in, warm blankets all about, the futon bed we carried up years ago in the corner; we read (our e-readers replacing our bags of paperbacks from days past) and drink our chai or coffee in front of the little wood stove.

We can bathe in the light of the waning moon as it shines through the panes of glass above. Later, the stars, in the darkened sky, are like a magical show above.

Tonight, the temperature won't drop to freezing, so I'll be able to enjoy the lullaby of the forest: the pines as they dance in the starlight, the critters as they charm the forest beneath me, without the chattering of my teeth vanquishing all other sounds.

Our breathing and night sounds will, these nights, be a part of the forest; while we breathe in the exhaled oxygen of the trees, they will breathe in our exhaled carbon dioxide. We will sleep in symbiotic relationship.

As a treat for all who would love such a scenario, as would I, the following photographs are chosen for your delight.

Enjoy your daydreams about treedreams.


All these pictures I was so fortunate to find on Pinterest. However, over the pins, the original photographer credits were lost on each. They are not mine. I give honor to whoever had the glorious adventure and the beutiful eye to share these with others.


  1. Perfection. Absolute perfection.
    ~ Zuzu

  2. Thank you Brianne for your ever so beautiful visit to my place :)
    It been way, way too long for me with a visit to you and I have forgotten how you inspire beauty over here, I must visit more often.

    Thank you for sharing perfect beauty over here.
    See you and all you inspire soon

  3. Wow, amazing pics and fun to dream about!
    Thank you always for your kind and thoughtful words over at my blog.