Thursday, February 03, 2011

Breadbaking RoundUp Chosen

My Cornbread Couscous muffins were chosen in the Roundup.

I don't really know what that means. But, hey, they weren't discarded!

If you click on the roundup button it will take you to girlichef's blog. More importantly, it will take you to the post that she declares the corny roundup "winners" for breadbaking day #36.

I warn you ahead of time: you will be hungry when you finish reading the mouth-watering recipes and looking over all the great pictures! If you can't get to the blog, here is the link:

Girlichef's Corny Link to Bread Baking Day #36

It was fun to participate. The winter or cooler months are really great months to be in the kitchen; to be gathered around the stove, the hearthstone, where the warmth is, stirring steaming pots, and smelling the heady spices. I love to add ingredients into the bowl and mix with the large wooden spoon. There is nothing like opening the oven door and having that gust of heat hit my face. I love to have the house fill with the aroma of baking.

And, what is better than the smell of baking bread. Well, maybe a pot of curried - anything!

I also like to knead bread. To wait for it to rise and to punch it down. I love the rocking motion of kneading. I like the silence and the meditation that it brings.

Making bread and hanging laundry are two things that when we gave them up as "chores" we gave up a bit of sanity. We gave up a couple of times a week when we could connect, really connect with ourselves: quietly, fully, without interruption.

I don't bake bread from scratch as much as I should since I bought the breadmaker. It was always difficult to find a place for the bread to rise. But, I do still enjoy hanging the laundry (on not-cold days!).

Well, anyway, just wanted to post my roundup button. I pat myself on the back - with my non-floury hand, of course.



  1. Congrats to you on not "being discarded"--(;o)

    I love baking bread although I use my bread machine to mix and knead--but I shape, let it rise, and bake on my own. I love the smell of bread baking.

    If you need help getting your links to work, call me later this afternoon. I'm working the booksale at SBPL till 2.

  2. The smell of yeast in the kitchen is like perfume to me. Nothing like the smell and taste of fresh home made bread.

  3. Brianne,
    You write so beautifully ... why I can almost smell the divine aroma of fresh bread wafting through the house while reading these words. I once ate an entire loaf as it was supposed to be cooling ... while it tasted heavenly, I didn't feel so well afterward. I endeavor to not make the same mistake again ... however, that irresistible aroma still draws me in! :)

    I am thrilled to have met another woman who is without children. A most difficult feat these days. My husband and I have six felines, all rescues, that have become our "children". :)))
    Our home tends to be a makeshift trauma center for injured creatures of all nature ... we have cared for owls, hawks, birds of all species, raccoons, opossums, snakes, and many other critter until they are able to be released back into the wild. That seems to be both our callings ...

  4. Hi Brianne..super bautiful post!! Lovely! and also i wanted to thankyou for your super awesome flaxseed recipes/ideas..much love..shine on!!
    Wishing you a fabulous week ahead!

  5. Ooooo. I'm getting hungry! I haven't baked bread from scratch for years... but you've got me thinking about it! :)
    Happy day to you & yours, Brianne!
    ~ Zuzu