Friday, February 18, 2011

Winner of the OWOH Gift

First let me tell you what the  Nature Keeper doll's name is now that she has been given one by the OWOH winner. Her name is Aviella. She is of course named for the birds for whom she so purposefully lives and keeps watch. The winner was of course chosen randomly and she is Julia Schneider of the blog, Vintage with Laces, here  is her link, Julia's Blog, Vintage with Laces  Julia has a beautiful blog and besides winning my gift, she has also picked up a follower during this event = me!

I have to apologize to all that I did not yet get back to that have left such nice comment on my blog.

I recently started up Tom's Terrariums and Glass Gardens with possibly the world's best GreenMan but one needing more of me than I counted on in the organizational and "fill in" % of partnership.

So that on top of work and everything else left me trying to get back with everyone at night - around 11:00 - ? - while nodding off to sleep. I am awfully disappointed in myself that I wasn't able to take full advantage of such a great opportunity as OWOH event.

But, I'm hoping to follow up after, in the next few weeks, at least with those of you who commented. After all it's about meeting each other for long term, not about the week or so of the event; that was just the catalyst. Right?

And, in honor of the Full Moon of February, I am bringing out my representation of February's Moon in my Dancing Moons: a series of Lunar Tales.

The February Moon is known as the Spirit Moon, Storm Moon, Quickening Moon, the Moon of Vision.

To read more about it, you can read about it on my Etsy listing.

Enjoy the Full Moon. Howl for Joy.



  1. Beautiful post Brianne..yay..wonderful! and congrats to the very lucky winner!enjoy!

  2. Hi Brianne, I'm so happy to be the winner of your beautiful creation! Aviella has got a wonderful and comforting charisma and I will love to have her in our home.
    Thank you!
    Your February Moon is fabulous too!
    Hugs to you,

  3. lovely post!
    love the doll's name!
    happy weekend

  4. Congrats to your very lucky winner! Such a beautiful name. :) Your February Moon is lovely - I enjoyed reading about at your shop. Happy Weekend! Theresa

  5. The is something wonderful about looking up into the night sky and seeing a full moon. Congrats to the winner!!

  6. Hello Brianne,
    February Moon is beautiful! I see a Native American feel to your works, I think that is one reason I ma so drawn to them. I stopped by your Etsy ... you have so many wonderful items. Your dolls are exquisite. I also visited Tom's blog. Those are some BEAUTIFUL terrariums ... you two make for a fabulous and talented team.

    Wishing you a bright and beautiful week ahead!