Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I have been so busy doing so many things at one continuous moment. It feels like that. As if I am living one eternal moment. I do sometimes, hate to have to sleep because I still want to do so much. I remember watching a little documentary on "cave men." I think it was a cheesy thing. But a scene struck me and I always remember it. The "cave man" had a busy day hunting and doing all that prehistoric living stuff; he had just eaten what seemed to be a very satisfying meal, and then, by the fireside, he worked on his hunting tool until he passed out. Then, come time his body had refreshed itself with enough sleep, he woke up and went back to his activity. There was no preparation for sleep. No ritual. He just passed out when the body was ready; came to when it had rested, and went on doing it's thing. Kind of primal, maybe. Not civilized, yes. But, I just always remember, it. I respect it. So, sometimes, when I am joyously bee-boppin' along, living life, I do hate to take a moment away to sleep. But, I know if I don't I will pass out, like the "cave man" in the middle of my activity. Ha, ha, ha. In the middle of work. What if we all just did that. What a world...
Anyway. I have been busy setting up Tom's Terrariums and Glass Gardens with the World's Best Green Man. I made a tiny rock cairn for some of them. The first one that sold had a cairn, a pebble cairn.
When Tom and I hike, or adventure, we sometimes like to leave a little cairn of some sort next to water.

Or, next to an awesome view. It is a way in which to thank Nature. It is also a way to leave a sort of arrow for fellow travelers, to say, "Hey, stop a sec and look around, here. This is special."

I guess that is why so many ancestors left cairns around burial places.

Or we just like to build them for their asthetics.

Here are just some other lovely cairns.


john harvey mt cheam

Kawi, Kapaau, Pololu Valley, Akaka Falls




cascades wa

orange county park

And, of course there are these little cairns.  They were breed to hunt varmint that scurried in the rocks or cairn. Like this natural one.


My childhood family's second dog was a cairn terrier.  His name was Rocky. We must have been a literal bunch.

I'm going to build a rock cairn in the yard. Where? I would want it in the front. To say to the fellow traveler, "Hey, stop a sec an look around, here. This is special."  I don't know what stone or rock I would use yet. We still have old granite in the yard from the old sweat lodge we used to use. But, coral would look cool. And, then again, river rocks
would look nice with a moss covering.

Well, either way, the rocks will show themselves before too long. 
And, they will be a perfect addition, a perfect tribute to this
corner of the world that I adore.



  1. love the thought in regards to sleep. If only we could sleep only when we needed it and was active any other time... That time for man seems to be long gone.

  2. Okay--that pile of rocks in the corner of my yard is now a cairn-not a pile of rocks in the corner of the yard--LOL!!
    Thanks for the pkg. Got it yesterday. BEAUTIFUL bits of whimsy.
    Luv Ya---

  3. These man-made earthen statues are so restful. I find them so intriguing. You have given me a fabulous idea to create one at the entrance to our abode. We find our wooded nest in the middle of wheat fields most exceptional ... why not honor it! Great idea! Thank you for the inspiration! :)))

  4. Wonderful post, Brianne!!! When I was small and my family jeeped the Colorado high country, we used to discover cairns at the top of the peaks. They really do make one stop, look around, and think of the people that left them for others to enjoy.
    Thanks for popping by my blog to say 'Hi' - your mini-albums sound wonderful!

    Happy Valentine's Day! :)
    ~ Zuzu

  5. Wow..super beautiful Brianne..awesome post!

  6. wow! you have amazing blogs! love your photos!
    happy day!