Friday, February 17, 2012

Color My World

Pino - The Gypsy
I made myself a promise that I would add color to the world around me this last week. I have said that this is what I have asked of my February Gypsy Muse. I kept this promise.

I still have bits of color on my fingernails as I type this. Acrylic paint, in glorious layers, is hard to get off at the end of the day, and when I know the next day more color will be added on, why worry so much? Interestingly, I am also playing more music. I think that the music is like color in the another vibration.

Yesterday, when I went out to greet Tom home from work, I had an acrylic paint "bindhi" in purple. No wonder the last part of my work seemed so centered (smile)!

I thought about color when I made supper food this week. This is the what Tom brings to work.

I made soup. A stew, really.  I called it Gypsy Stew. You can imagine what this stew is = a little of everything.

I limit my buying to one or two main vegetables of season a week and some essentials like onions, carrots, garlic, carrotts, etc. I also have my herb garden, or what's left of it after the couple of frosts we've had this winter, so in the stew went rosemary, oregano and a little culantra.

I always have on hand grains and dried beans and they compliment the meals. I also make breads in the fall and winter.

So, the Gyspy Stew and Pumpernickle Rye Bread added color.

Also, I found a "new" food in the produce bins. I picked up a Red Prickly Pear.

This is how they grow.

This is how they look cut up.

 And, you can only imagine who loves, loves, loves to eat these....

Another messy picture of Emmett. I have read that the Eclectus parrot is called the "pig" of the parrots. Because of thier enthusiastic, messy eating habits.

I finally pulled the cover off of the sewing machine and have begun working with my clothing redesigning projects. I am sure, like you, I have so many projects. One at a time....

Anyway, unlike my sister, I am not so enamored with the sewing machine. This is one of the projects I had in my "first" pile of ideas.


It is a sweater I picked up at a thrift store for $.50; I like the feather pattern.  I cut up the middle. I stiched along the cut sides to prevent fraying Around the neckline, I added some trim that I took off of a vest that I still have. The trim has a flying duck pattern, so they have an "unmatched match." The sweater had a couple of little snags that I was bothered with, so I added the doiles (antique) that my Grandmother made. The dyed silk ribbon ties it together.  It is the perfect little top to add over many outfits and give a little warmth.

I bought Gel Pens!!! I love them!!

I currently am working on an art projet. It is like a quilt, but not. I have been playing around with the hamsa image for months but couldn't think of how to put it into an art piece.

These are individual canvas boards. I will drill holes in the sides and "stich" together. I am thinking of using jute.

Once all the canvases are done and stiched together I might make a border or just hange as is. Hmmm. Any suggestions? This will probably be an etsy piece.

I might have shown you this "bird" in another post. It is an amazing tree branch that Tom found while on a walk in the scrub with Masala. I was given the floor vase and had the willow sticks and other curly sticks that I included in the piece.

The paints are both acrylic from a set and my house paints. I'm not sure if I'm done. It depends on where I put it in the house. It may be one of those pieces that evolve over time. I can see bits of feather, mirror, beads being added over time. Maybe not.

The little table, was a "side of the road" pick up. Tom brought it around the same time as the piece was being put together. I like the whole piece together.


I found this photographer's portfolio of a Gypsy Wedding in Spain, The Salazars. It belongs to Andriana Lopez Sanfeliu's, and follows a little of the life of Salzar family in Spain getting ready for a wedding.

Andriana LopezSandeliu

Check out her other portfolios. The Salazars' individual portraits are great also. They could inspire some portraits.

The photos are in black and white; and interesting choice when gypsies are known for color. But, even in B&W you can still see the color seeping through. Don't you?


Well, as my February Gypsy stays with me throughout these cool days of Winter I will continue to find my way with color and light. I wish the same for each of you.

May your day dreams be in color. May each step you take spring forth color and light. May your very breath in and out be in the colors you choose. Breathe in Yellow, breathe out Blue. Take your showers in Purple water. Wash your clothes in Green soap. Kiss in Red (of course!)

I think these two nap in color.....


Gypsy playing guitar from Pinterest


  1. Its so funny that you are writing about vegetables and color today. I just came home from a small vegetable shop in NH. I bought golden and candy cane beets. I'm not sure what I will make with them , but just couldn't pass them up. The stew is a good winter meal, even if your winters are mild.

  2. Aw, love the kitties sleeping on the hammock...what a life huh? The Gypsy stew looks yummy too. Is that your parrot? The green is amazing. Hope you are having a beautiful start to your week Brianne! Oh, and I'd love to see more of your work with the gel pens. :-)

  3. I bought some bottled prickly-pear leaves to see what they were like. They were boring. Decades ago, I ate the flowers of one that grew by my door, but it was so long ago that I don't remember the taste...

  4. How fun you tried the cactus pears. Like even chicken, taken by itself, it has no real appetizing flavor. There are recipes and an apparantly well renowned cookbook dedicated to the Prickly Cactus Pear: The Prickly Pear Cookbook, by Carolyn J. Niethammer. This cookbook has over 135 recipes with the Prickly pear included. Just imagine....