Wednesday, February 01, 2012

February's Gypsy

My February Gypsy is born of the roots of the Earth traveling through the colors of the forests: the trees, the mosses, the leaves, the vines, the very mists and fogs that rise from these places each morning.

She has always had her many scarves, cloaks of textures and variations and as she dances, spins,  and jumps for joy.
They twirl about her, ever increasingly so, creating the slight curtain of mists allowing the titillated mind the travels of the gypsy caravan.

When the evenings are cold; however, she loves a warm and cozy bedroom.

The spreads and blankets remain warm and inviting while she takes the willing traveler on adventures to places of exotic colors, light, sounds and smells.

With roots planted in her home; the February Gypsy journeys, the vehicle her heart, the key her love of stories. Stories from books, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, the classics and current novels all add to the mystery of the February Gypsy's travel.

My February Gypsy appreciates a love for all things beautiful and exotic. She wraps herself warmly - as the weather dictates - in glad rags gathered from all her adventures, near and far. For her, much of her art is her dress. She adds some color to the world around her that the one time deciduous trees have lost, that the flowers once bloomed have now also lost. While the world sleeps in February, she wraps herself and her world in joyful, jewel-like colors.

Inside her home, her caravan wagon, my February Gypsy keeps colors alive in these days of February. She keeps small planters, hangs colorful bottles, dried fruit and strings of beads and colorful strips of fabric patches. In this month she works on furniture projects to call them to the gypsy heart.

Outside, too, the paintbrush will come out and add colorful flair to the greying world around her. She either puts flowers in pots, or throws a shawl on a table for a sunny afternoon tea. Either way, it's an adventure, a journey for the mind's eye each time viewed.

Throughout February, I hope to show in this blog the different adventures I go on as I play my Gypsy. I am already working on some now. I only have to remember to take the pictures - the hardest part sometimes!



  1. So Gorgeous..I love it those chairs...dazzling! Thankyou for sharing this gypsy magic...truly inspiring!

  2. Brianne, how wonderful...I so enjoyed your beautiful February Gypsy. I am smiling at your words about her artful dressing as I sit here in my flowing orange makes me feel so happy and carefree! So lovely to hear from you over at my blog - I'm sorry you haven't been able to comment, but truth be told, I have been somewhat absent from that little corner of my world for a while...hmmm

  3. Oh such vibrant rich colors for February! So perfect for these winter days.