Thursday, February 09, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I painted the mirror purple, and the blue/green of the house and then Tom and I hung it on the front wall of the house. It faces North East. 

As I took this picture, the sun was shining; the evening sun hits this part of the yard just right, so the little spots you see are reflections from the mirror reflectors that I have hanging in the trees. If you remember, they are the ones, I wrote about before. I said the squirrels like to throw them around and knock them off the trees - on a weekly basis.

See how magical they make the yard look.

This is what they look like. I sometimes put seaglass in between the tiles of mirror and end with a charm, shell, key, etc.

I really love how the mirror on the front of the house looks. It is behind the gardenia. The gardenia will have more leaves and gorgeous white flowers in the Spring. How beautiful to have that reflected. But right now, when the trees have their branches bare and the maple is in the redbud stage, the open light also looks beautiful in the reflection.

I placed the mirror so that it is just high enough not to show your reflection as you walk up. You see the reflection of the trees and sky as you walk by.

I am projecting my want for more mirrors. I'd like to put a few more to paint in different colors on this same wall.

This is a different angle to view. These are bottles and vases that I picked up at some thrift stores. They are hanging from a piano part; you can't see it in the pictures. I am not sure what part of the piano. Tom took some parts of one that was being thrown away. I painted this one the color of the wood and hung the wire and monfilament to the metal pegs. It has more pegs for the future. Most of the little glass bottles filled with air plants that Tom, Masala and I picked up on our walks. I also put some plant clippings in the vases with water. 

Emmett is sitting on a branch we stuck in a terra cotta pot. We secured the branch in the pot with granite stones that we picked up. It was a heck of alot cheaper than buying a birdstand!

I have been tending to the terrariums and hope to reopen up Tom's Terrariums and Glass Gardens in the Spring. I have the many plants divided up and rooting and terrariums settling in. I want to show these in another post.

I also am "messing around" with Bonsai gardening. I received one for a New Years' gift and it is so interesting. I am currently rooting a ficus; an azalea, and a eucalyptus. They are all cuttings from trees/plants in our yard. I have others that I want to get cuttings from next. I want to get some trays/planters that are interesting. I am going to put that on the list when going to the thrift stores.

The table that the plants are on Tom brought home. Someone was throwing it out. I didn't paint it. The other side of the patio, where the terrariums are and where I have my easel set up, has furniture painted in many colors, but back here by the pool, everything is a bit more natural. Kudra really seemed to enjoy the table. She has taken to this spot and sits here many afternoons. Silly girl.

Well, I think that I have felt the influence of the February Gypsy. She has guided me with color and light and I thank her.

Here is Emmett enjoying Spaghetti squash. Of course, it is a vegetable in season! I give him a little of the seeds that I scoop out; the part we don't eat. I put the seeds and "goop"  back in the shell and put in some extras, like pistachio nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. It is kind of like a pinata.  He has fun tearing it apart. The room his cage is in sometimes will have a nut or a piece of squash thrown across the room. How fun, right. But he's pretty and says, "Hello, Gorgeous."

To celebrate the February's Gypsy, I am sharing these three files in jpg. I imagine the craft possibilities are endless. I myself, plant to do a little embroidery, possibly on a cuff/bracelet.




  1. Brianne, your blog is beautiful, but how do people find the energy to have more than one blog?! Anyway, watch out for that scarf when you're riding in hundred year old cars. You wouldn't want to end up like Isadore Duncan! It's a great scarf, but I swear, that's the first thought that came to mind when I saw your photo, no doubt because her death was so weird. I have an older dog too. Bonnie is a blue heeler who's fourteen, blind, arthritic, and going deaf; yet she still enjoys a spirited game of fetch, but instead of down mountains and across rivers, we now play in a corner of the living room. By the way, I have family in Pensacola, but I never get down that way anymore.

  2. P.S. My sister doesn't have any maples, and hurricanes keep decking her oak trees.

  3. Such a beautiful garden - I love your mirror idea.
    Hope your weekend is full of joy, Brianne!

  4. I am imagining all the stories reflected around your garden - whispered by squirrels and chased by pusscats! Your blog is delightful, I'm so glad I stopped by (via Queen Kim!)

  5. Such a beautiful post - you painted such a picture through your words alone that I could imagine it all. :) Emmett is such a cutie - loved seeing him eat that squash. And do I spy faerie lights?