Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I always like a quiet day for Thanksgiving. Usually, just Tom and I at home. Because we are vegetarians, and have been for 26 years, it has been difficult over the years trying to fit "thankfully" at another's table. This was especially true in the early years. You can just imagine. Today, the term vegetarian and the refusal of meat at another's table is not taken as the personal insult or with the "cultish" connection it did in years past. But, still, we have formed our tradition.

So, today, we share a table with a simple acorn squash casserole with curried pumpkin seeds and tamarind curry sauce, bread, sliced apples, and pisatachio nuts. We have some fig leaves and herbs from the garden to decorate the table. Also, shells and sea glass from the previous year's adventuring.

notice the pyrex dish - wedding gift circa 1982

And of course, here is the one I am most thankful for.

And, that he still enjoys my "cooking" with such relish, makes life all that much more sweet..

And, on top of all that he still keeps me laughing, too, sometimes at him, but mostly with him - insert smiley face-

Look, who else loves acorn squash.

That is what's all over Emmett's beak, acorn squash. He loves the middle with all the seeds.
Nothing goes to waste!

Ganesh comes up to the table to tell of his thanks?
Most likely, just to check out
if there is anything for him to eat.
Nothing for him, so he "old cat" yawns
and goes on his way.

Another Thanksgiving Day.

for happiness, keep your hands in the earth and your eyes on the sky: Ellis Felker

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!


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