Monday, November 29, 2010


Hello, All.

I found this card while shopping with my Mom and sister. It is vintage. It is a postcard, but not used so it doesn't have a post date. But, it was in with a bunch that were used and post dated around the late 18oos early 1900s.
I wonder why the Bluebird is the bird of happiness??

It rained all day. I am taking that as a symbol that the year is going to be prosperous. I did alot of little projects today. I bought material and cut up material from "thrift store finds" for the Deva North "dolls" I'm going to make. You know what, I am going to call them Crones, and be proud of it!!! North Earth Crone and North Wind Crone. Anyway, I bought and cut the material. I made the clay faces and the hands. I was pretty proud of the hands because I went back and forth between cloth hands or clay hands, but they won't really be seen much anyway because they'll be under the dress and shawl.

They'll be painted later.

But, when I made the clay, I needed to make some other clay pieces for Etsy: Buddha, Ganesh, Tara, Kwan Yin, so I got busy with that, and I added pieces, Green Man that I hadn't put up on Etsy or included in any of my art pieces before. And, I also made a free-hand lotus for Kwan Yin to sit into. Then, I cooked the clay.
 I had Tom cut some wood pieces to make a stand for the Crones. Just a "branch" screwed into a base. Something I can attach the bodies to. Well, anyway, I saw that and I got to thinking...

The green man mask would look great on one of those stands!

Kwan Yin in the lotus would look precious sitting on a dark piece of wood base.

And, another little project, after thinking about the prayer flag post. The front of the "Altoids" can isn't back on. It hadn't dried yet; it'll be a bronze/gold color (cut out of course). I scanned a prayer flag strand (miniaturized it). It's adorable! It's also a shrine of Mt. Sumeru ( where the "middle of the Buddhist universe" is).

I'll put these up on Etsy. I have two of the green men. The other is a different clay mask; and it's smaller.

I got alot of huggable hangers from Tom and I was going to tackle that. But, the day is already evening and I'm going to go read for awhile. Maybe, have another piece of chocolate birthday cake...



  1. Happy Birthday and many more to come. Your crafts are lovely.

  2. I love my huggable hangers. You can fit alot more clothes in the closets--but don't tell Tom!
    Love the Crones. And the lotus is wonderful--you are so talented.