Friday, January 07, 2011

3/4 of a Cycle, Roseate and Orange

I had taken this picture a week or so ago. During the midst of the last cold snap we had. I wonder if up North if they call onslaughts of periodic cold weather in wintertime "cold snaps?" Here in Florida we can have one night where the temperatures are freezing for a couple of hours -just long enough to kill almost everything green, and then next day or so, it is back up to 78 or 79 degrees. Warm, muggy, mosquitoes (even now, yes) and everything is dead and moldy. Winter in Florida!

Well, at least, I don't have to endure long periods of cold temperatures. I KNOW I couldn't function. I would have to curl back into bed. But, maybe I would live in a house with central heat. Hummm. that would be a dream. We got our electric bill here and as spoiled as we are with our $30.00 a month bills; we did NOT get a $30 bill this time. Tom has limited heater use to the bedroom. I am typing this in the bedroom. I eat in the bedroom. I am moving my sewing machine and all my crafting supplies into the bedroom. Actually, no; I would get claustrophobia. But, I do as much as possible in here; or I carry the rather bulky space heater around with me. I guess I will have to pile on more clothes. Just like last year... The memory is coming back to me now: December, January, February. I am already prone to being cold. So, three socks, leg warmers, arm warmers, long sleeves, sweater, jeans, slipper boots, scarf. I am serious. See, us Florida girls suffer our fashion for the winter time as well. Actually, I did have a tank top and lightweight cargo pants on last weekend, so don't feel bad for me; it is Florida - coastal Florida, at that. Even the temperatures are rather fickle here. Yes, I said it.

Anyway, back to the picture. It is of the Maple. She is 3/4 of her cycle. So, I should expect the weather; the course of the year, to be just as I have said.

 OK. So, later on this evening. I'll be able to Wander my thoughts on what this loss of leaves, rather "messy" appearance and hibernation is telling me about my irritation about cold weather and about my own aging self. 

There is a little green in the yard. The 28 year old gardenia is still green. She is right by the little front patio. I brought her from our apartment and planted her when we finished building the house. I'll show you her when she blooms her glorious white flowers. This happens usually in May, around Mother's Day. The Bird-of-Paradise is still green. Luckily the "Bear-blanket" kept her warm on the freezing and frosty nights.

My neighbor has this in her front yard - the picture below. I wanted to show you because you might not really think I live in the coastal area of Florida by the pictures of my yard. But, this area (or the county I live in) actually has three temperate zones. I do live in the northern/central part of the county, and not on a barrier island. Although, that is where I did grow up!!

So, when you see this, you must be in Florida.

I tried the 1960's timeline feature on Corel Photo/Paintshop. This was her Holiday decorating this year. People often put out Pink Flamingos for Florida decorating, but get it right when they put out Roseate Spoonbills.

A. Morris Birds as Art

James Audubon

I saw the most beautiful Roseate Spoonbill rookery at the Ding Darling refuge on Sanibel Island. Pink is my favorite color. And the Roseates' have a variation of pink in their feathers; from very light to almost a fuchsia.


We also see them on the Blackpoint Wildlife ride around the estuary in our own Canaveral National Seashore and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. LINK to Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

OK. OK. If you have read this far; thank you for the long visit. I really appreciate it. One more thing. There are more oranges on trees in Florida right now than one knows what to do with. Tom went outside to the one growing in our yard (a Tangelo Orange really) and shook it this morning; early. I woke up to find two whole bowls full of oranges to slice thin and make my nice little garland.

Now, I just need to sneak them in next time I bake and dehydrate. That last electric bill he's not likely to forget. Well, even Superheros have their quirks  darksides.



  1. Just to show my "beach snob" side--you do live on the "mainland" you know. (;0). If it gets too cold you should come by for a visit. After years of space heaters I now have central heat! And it's natural gas.
    Luv Ya---

  2. Hi, MLBH (My Little Beach House!) I did say that I didn't live on a barrier island...

  3. I would love to have two bowls of your oranges. Mmmmm, fresh juice!

  4. It's all relative. When I lived in San Diego, my body adjusted to it and when it would drop into the 40's, I felt it in my bones. Now, I'm out east and it drops into the single digits.

    My sister lives in Florida and though born and bred in Michigan, she really feels those cold snaps.