Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wolf Moon, Ice Moon, Frost Moon, Cold Moon, Old Moon

The reason for the name Wolf Moon is simply because in January the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Amerindian villages.

In Europe on the other hand, January's full moon is called “Old Moon.”

In other areas, the First Full moon is also called "Ice Moon" or "Moon After Yule".

In central Asia, its name is "Paush Poornima", meaning Fasting month, Hindus consider the day highly auspicious, where some communities fast in that period.

For the Buddhist in Sri Lanka it is called “Duruthu Poya” which marks the first visit of Lord Buddha to that Island.

In Japan, this same first full moon of the year is called “Birth Moon.” It is also considered the official birthday for everyone over the age of sixteen. Divination, feasting, and rituals for luck and health are popular events.
In Thailand every full moon is celebrated with a party, called “Koh Pha Ngan.”

January's first Full Moon is the Moon that I honor first in the series of Dancing Moons: A Series of Lunar Tales.

Anyway you plan to celebrate. celebrate! Look Up!


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  1. Hi Brianne..what a gorgeous post ..we are such kindreds...I love the beauty of the moon and the many symbolic forms it comes has woken me up twice this past week..and it is such a powerful experience when that happens..and So gorgeous to gaze at! Wow..your beautiful writings on the moon sound wonderful and inspiring..shine on!! yay!!
    Hugs and sparkles and blessings