Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter's Waning

This is the last true week of Winter.

my favorite Victorian winter's wonderland
There are not many days left of Winter. She is almost gone. In the heat of Summer's relentless sun, we will long for her kiss to cool the brow. We may look back and think things were not that bad. How hard it is to stay in the moment. We always want to be somewhere else.

Imbolc is in seven (7) days. Imbolc is the ancient Irish celebration of the FIRST DAY OF SPRING. It is the celebration of "in betweens." I'll write more about it in honor of the day. But, I just wanted to recognize the already beginnings.

My Maple tree is already showing her red bud. She is awakening for Spring.

The hawks begin their mating cries high in the tops of the pines. The ring neck doves are in the maples. And, they are crying out to each other, ready for nesting.

I remember a line from "The Yearling" by Marjorie Rawlings. Pa, tells Jodi, when he hears the whippoorwill, it is 'a time to begin plantin'. The risks for the winter frosts is over.

For years we have had a type of whippoorwill or nighthawk in our woods. It is called a chuckswillwidow. Tom and I have seen some nesting on the ground, spread out over their eggs laid out on the sand. They blend most perfectly with the underbrush we almost stepped on one as we veered from a dirt pathway.

To see them fly at night, they resemble an owl. Anyway, these days, we still live adjacent to environmentally protected lands (we are so thankful our fate fell this way) and we hear them call to each other in the early Spring. So, I wait to hear them to know the threat of frosts are really over.

Keep warm. This, hibernation time, is only for a few more weeks. I am going to finish reading a few books and a few crafts I have been putting off and enjoy these last few days of true Winter.



  1. Hello Brianne,
    So very nice to meet you! I am delighted you stopped by and that you left a comment so that I would know of your visit!

    It always heartens me to meet a fellow lover of Mother Earth and all of her many wondrous creatures. There is so much to see, just outside our windows, if we take the time to truly look!

    I can't believe how far ahead you are in the makings of springtime! You have buds on the trees! My mother just emailed me and wrote that the wild columbine and crocus are starting to come up. It appears that all across the country there is an awakening!!

    I love the picture you captured of the whippoorwill. What a sweet face ... indeed, I can see how they would very much look like an owl in the darkness.

    I have become a follower of your blog and look forward to reading more of your future posts! I would love to have join me too! Wishing you an evening of calm and great peace ...

  2. Hi Brianne...beautiful post..gorgeous photos..the beauty of nature..gorgeous bird..such an enchanting spirit..awe-inspiring! I am enjoying the last tail-ends of winter..and awaiting the new magic of Imbolc arriving too..yay!! I love every season and feel blessed by it all! Thanks for sharing your magic always!!