Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cocoa Village

Can you imagine working for one place for 36 years. Well on Friday, I attended a going away party - get together really - for a man who has worked for Community Health at the Health Department in my county for the 36 years. He has done a myriad of things under the Public Health umbrella. And he said so eloquently and humbly, there were good days and bad days as there are with anything, but there never was a day he was not proud to say he worked for the Brevard County's (Public) Health Department. I too believe in our government's commitment to public health: local, state and national. I happen to work on a local/state level. I work with federal to state grants in a local arena with HIV/AIDS programs helping individuals access basic care; mostly to prevent HIV to progress into AIDS. Also, to provide a "net" of small support programs that will help them, if they get sick for a time, from falling out of a job or a house/apartment until they get themselves back on their feet - physically. I've been doing this for about 10 years, but the political scene has never been so against government "workers" - especially from my own "boss", my state's governor, so I don't know if I'll see my retirement get together. At least not from the government. But, oh well, I am from the generation that knew early on not to expect anything.

Anyway, what I really wanted to show on this blog is the pictures from the area that we had the party. In case you ever come to the area you will know there is more than just the cruise ship, cocoa beach's Ron Jon's and Disney World.

We were at the Cocoa Village River Front Park.

These are the fountains. In the warmer months, the children like to play in the water. The park also, is surrounded by large oak trees and has benches for enjoying the scene, or a good book. The river itself has a boardwalk that is built up around the river itself.

Many people come to live in the area in the winter months. Their real estate is right on the river.

Then, there are those that live in the river, year round. This is my attempt at a dolphin shot. Still no telescopic lens....

Cocoa Village itself is quite quaint. It is meant to keep with building codes from the early 1900s. Most buildings are restored. They are mostly small independently boutiques, art galleries, antique stores, cafes, restaurants, and Cocoa Village Playhouse. A farmer's market takes place every Friday and there is usually "a happening" on the weekends.

Cocoa Village Link

Visit the link above. It will take to you to more information about Cocoa Village present and past.

I always have fun wandering around the streets: cobblestone, yes. It was a cold day, but I was dressed for it. I even had by arm/hand warmers on. But, look at that Florida Sunshine!


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  1. What a hard job you have. You must be a very compassionate person. Your Florida is lovely and we would love to visit it again. Enjoyed my visit!!