Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Birth of Winter

Sometimes, well actually, often, the ideas that I have for making into pieces of "art" don't actually make it into a physical representation. I may start with a sketch or two. I may even purchase or accumulate the materials I think I am going to need. But, then the pieces sit around in a pile until I use them for something else. So, when I do lay my hands to the creative process, and with love and commitment, tinker until I finally see something that I originally saw in my mind's eye, I find it amazing. Really. Our ability to create is in itself a miracle. To see something in our mind and create it. Magic.

So, here is my latest magic. Birth Of A Season: Winter

These are the three moons of winter just being born. They are busting from a pod; flying to their respective places in the night's skies. Just babies now, when they are full they will represent January's Moon of Ice and Cold; February's Moon of Storms, a Hunter's Moon and March's Moon of the Wind.

I snapped a picture of the pod in a fern outside. (It is always so difficult to capture those iridescent white faces and white fuzz around the heads.)

I posted this picture on my Etsy shop as well. What the heck. No one should think it is a real plant and pod. Etsy shoppers are elite. Anyway, I don't think anyone has found out where the Winters' Moons grow and are released from the pods. Or, is it where the moonflowers grow? I need to Google it. Or, better yet, look it up in Wikipedia; it'll be true if it's on Wikipedia! ;)

Enjoy the Moon's light whenever you can. Take a moment any clear evening and look up to see the Moon's  presence over your life. Always there, adding gentle gravitational pulls to the ebbs and flows to the rhythms of our nights and days. Journey Joyfully.



  1. Your art is magic. Great designs. Good luck with your Etsy shop!!

  2. Wow...such gorgeous enchantment...beautiful creations!!

  3. These are beautiful - I love the moon faces. Happy day to you, Brianne!