Friday, January 28, 2011

To Bed: The Winter Variety

Since I shared the Russian Wonder Tales link with you on Wandering Moments, I got to thinking about how nice it is to cuddle in bed during these last few/couple weeks of cold weather. How many think wrongly of themselves because they want to hibernate: looking for something to bring them out of the "slumps." And, although there is such a thing as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) - yes, I would be one to suffer - greatly - I think we should look at what we are missing, or could be missing. Our beds. Warm, soft, where dreams come to, they are the place to be this weekend.

As I looked over the Internet for images of different beds - and I was looking for really fantastical ones, I realized that there is a bed for every season.

Spring Beds!

Summer Beds  (I call this one)!

Fall Beds!

And, for this weekend I'm posting a few wonderful, cozy, ethereal, dreamy Winter Beds!


This one is my winter bed - right...

A blurry picture, or still dreaming?

You'll need the legwarmers, arm-warmers, and thick, thick blanket to sleep in here. Oh, and a partner!

Well, this wouldn't be my first choice... But, amazing what a gentle white string of lights can do!

Faux fur blankets!

Goodnight. Good morning. Good afternoon. It'll be all the same.

And, to catch your dreams.



  1. Lovely post Brianne. Those beds are stunning. i could curl up in any of them.
    Hope you have a great weekend

  2. Woah Brianne...Mega-Gorgeous..these are all so enchanting..mesmerizing and magical...i am so smitten now...thanks for sharing these magical visions! I shall have very sweet dreams!
    And thankyou for your very touching comment and visit!

  3. such beautiful beds... I would think one could not help but sleep well in them.... I love the hanging one with a gentle breeze... I would sleep like a baby

  4. Hi Brianne,
    I am so going to love following you around your site :)
    The besd are great I so love the willow branched one out doors. I have always wanted a bed out doors and would truly find myself in dream land.

    Inspiring post and I will visit often.
    Thank you for your perfect ropfound comment left behind from your visit.
    Thank you new friend :)

    Blogging is so much fun would you not agree :)

  5. Ah Brianne, these beds are dreamy...I just wanted to say thankyou for your lovely notes on my blog - it's always nice to meet new will be fun getting to know you x

  6. Oh, these all look so heavenly ... though my heart pitter-patters at the first image ... to lay one's head down at night under the canopy of trees, listening to the two-toned notes of owls as they soothe the mind to rest ... to waking in the pale of morning amidst the choir of my feathered friends! All in the comfort of a bed!
    Divine! A beautiful post! :))