Friday, December 24, 2010

Changes and Growth

I set myself up two additional blogs. They are both linked to Under the Florida Maples. One is Wandering Moments. I hope to use this blog for random photo shots and "deeper" thoughts I have that reflect off of the blogs I post on Under the Florida Maples. 

The idea of a "daily photo documentary or visual diary" of life around the home and yard, I got some time ago from a documentary I saw about a man living in Michigan who each day tried to get one and only one photograph from the woods surrounding his home. He started the day of an Autumn equinox and completed the journey on the Winter's Solstice of the same year. Chased By the Light, by Jim Brandenburg is the book from the documentary I had seen that was of his remarkable daily pursuit of a photograph. Only one, each day. I have always wanted to do the same. Granted, his 'backyard" is somewhat more alive than the one I live within; however, I still belong to one that is unique and would have a story to tell.

After seeing that documentary, I made myself a little 'nesting doll.' I began gathering material from the yard at the first full moon after the Autumn equinox. I did this with my dog, Rutgers. We gathered feathers, moss, sticks, leaves. We made a nest and I made a terra cotta "old crone" and placed her in. The plan was to, each evening, walk around the yard and gather one piece of flora or a feather or rock or such to place within the nest. We would do this until the next full moon. And, of course after each gathering, be reflective on what each gift meant.

This is a picture of Rutgers that our neighbor, Sue, took down by her dock. Rutgers was, by the way, a collie mix. A white collie mix. We had his mother, Sadie, also a collie. He came to us in her litter. She got pregnant when my brother had died and I was at my mother and father's house helping with funeral preparations. My neighbor, not Sue at that time, was watching her while I was away during the days and some of the nights. Sadie was only on her second heat, so I was just going to take her in, before the next heat, to get neutered - like a responsible pet owner. But, I have to say, Rutgers was born in our arms and died in our arms and he will be the most remarkable dog...

The died part is what leads me to tell this story. I started this project at a full moon to end it at another full moon. I didn't realize that the lesson on transiency was going to be as salient. But, alas, it was this lesson because Rutgers died before the next full moon, quickly, unexpectedly. 

However, because Tom and I know that our lives will be longer than the animals we choose to live with (except maybe the parrot), we are going to have many come in and leave through death's door before us. So, the house was way too empty after just two days, and we found another little one who needed a home. We met Masala and adopted him. He finished the project with me.

I have some of Rutger's hair in the stuffing of the old doll and some of Masala's. So, this was my "'Chasing the Light" project I attempted after seeing Brandenburg's documentary and I haven't tried another. Until now, with Wandering Moments. A kind of 'thoughts and images' to round out the day.

This is the project. I keep it still as a reminder.

The other link I have set up is Surf Widow and I probably will change the name of that as time goes on, but for now Tom likes it and I can't think of another. If you have suggestions, please let me know. I set up the link with Jerry Lopez. That is Tom's surf Hero!! If I get a telescopic lens I'll be able to get some pictures. As of now, I don't have one. Maybe after Christmas sales....  I thought this would be a way for Tom and I to get out to the beach more. Especially since he's working every day and has call on one or two weekend days a month. And, now I have two mornings off a week. It's just hard to get up to get to the beach so early with the dawn patrol. But I'll try. The telescopic lens will be great for taking out on little hikes/walks as well. Time will tell.

Have a very peaceful evening.

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  1. The documentary sounds fab, but I think your project is amazing.