Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Heater Day

I'm home today. My DDD didn't like the long walk I had the other day. The cold weather plays havoc on the discs as well.

So, you don't think it gets cold in Florida.

Well, not as cold as in many parts of the world
right now, but look.

It is cold enough for this.

And, today it is even cold enough for this.

Actually, it is Kudra, the cat, who wouldn't get close to Emmett, the bird, if she wasn't cold enough to want the warmth of the heater.

No central air conditioning in the summer or heating in the winter. Life on the edge, close to nature, (except for the four floor heaters) here under the Florida maples......



  1. Stay warm!! This morning in New England the real feel is in the single digits.

  2. In Brazil is TOO hot! It's just send Kudra and Emmett for here! =D