Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The First Robin

We were just talking about it the other day. Tom and I about when the Robins should be coming. He and his brother were discussing the annual visit and thought they were late this year. I checked my journal, the one I have kept for a few years in the side margins and empty spaces of the book: Rumi the Book of Love (Coleman Barks edition) , and for the last two years the Robins have come to visit in February. They weren't late. We are just impatient in our old age, forgetful maybe, separated from nature more and more, maybe. Or, maybe we ask it every year. Tom and I wondered with this recent cold, if the Robins would come sooner.

This picture is taken through the window and screening. I think it is a female, the breast doesn't look red enough to be a male. THE FIRST ROBIN of the year. I suppose it has a very different connotation saying that in Florida than, say, in Connecticut. But, for all you Northerners, we love the advent of the "return of the Robins" here as well. We welcome your redbird and feed and water them so that they will be healthy and full of vigor to bring Spring back to you!

It is a good thing Tom thawed out the birdbaths. But, here the temperature is already rising. Although, in the house, it is another story.

This is another picture I wanted to share. Yesterday, Tom had covered up the front Bird of Paradise with an old "faux fur" blanket. When I walked into the kitchen it caught my eye.

OK, another picture for clarity.

You don't see it, I suppose. But, what gave me a start is that out of the corner of my eye, I saw a Florida Black Bear in my front yard! Just kind of rolling around in the leaves. Her butt up in the air. Crazy!? In the middle of my neighborhood. We do have bobcats, and coyote and foxes and such, but an elusive Florida Black Bear. Who knew.



  1. I thought it was a bear too--how funny. One of my 'resolutions for the garden' this year is to get a birdbath. I'll be looking out for the robins.

  2. Wow, it was a BIG bear too! I love your yard. :)