Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

It's that time of year.

My sister and I were discussing what to get for my mother for a Christmas gift.
My mother lives in a nice retirement apartment "villa" complex. She enjoys sending notes to people on occasion: get well, especially.
We came up with the idea of buying note cards. But, I thought, with my love of collage, to make her a variety of cards to send. My mom is 87 so I thought some "vintage" prints would be fun to work with, as well as whimsical.

This is the set of cards.

A cute little note card set of robins; made from some tags.

These swallow note cards are also made from tags.

The following are examples of vintage "medicine remedy" or elixir ads that I have bought over the years on eBay auctions. I scanned them onto printable fabric.

This is how I put the together in presentation.

I hope she enjoys sending them to her friends.

I try to keep my pledge to make myself or purchase locally handmade presents and products.



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  1. Your mother is going to love these note cards. You really can't go wrong giving something so thoughtfully made by your own hands. Especially to your mother. Lovely gift and packaged beautifully.