Sunday, December 05, 2010

Herb Garden Tea

I had started to sew last night. I began sewing a simple doll body pattern together after I had made the printed muslin with acrylics, inks and stamps. I had applied some Gesso. They were dried, and I wanted to sew them together before continuing with the other applictions. The fabric was going to look similar to the baskets I made.

But, the dolls, were going to have stuffing, and wiring, so I needed to use the sewing maching, not hand-sew. Anyway, I broke two needles. And, I had only sewed the body and one arm and when on the arm, I broke the needle, not once, but twice. I think, the second time, I didn't have the needle tightened in well - at least this is what the instruction seem to indicate. Now, I know why I had kept the sewing maching in the closet for eight years.
But, I will overcome. I went to the store this morning and bought a PACK of needles!!

So, after that, I needed to get outside. Do something less "intricate." My neighbor, Sue, gave Tom and I a table and chairs she had outside. Actually, it had been an outside table and chairs from the people who lived in the home before her.

See, it has this pretty "hammered" glass top.

First Tom and I needed to clean up the "herb garden" a little bit. Ever since last year's freeze killed the large row of double-hibiscus, I haven't spent much time keeping the area up. But, the virbernum are making up for the loss of the hibiscus are making a nice natural fence.


I  bought a color paint that I thought would go well with the blooms with the rosemary and the basil. The color is called Lupine.

And then, Masala and I spent a lovely, lovely day, painting (better than sewing!!).

Afterwards, it is so pretty to see the table and chairs in the herb garden.

Tom moved the cedar behind the slab. This is an area that will alow the cedar to have room for all it's branches to reach out. I think it'll be too big to bring in on the 22nd for the Solstice. We will have to find another one this year.

But, I thought the Cedar added a bit of "Tea Garden" charm to the area.

I lost my Basil in the wheelbarrow within the last month. We had a bit of a drought.
We try our best to xeroscape, so if plants aren't tolerant enough to make it, we have to use them in other ways or pull them out of the garden/yard.

The oregano and little wirey rosemary you see (if you look hard) in these shots are years and years old - maybe about five or six.

 Typical in Florida, in my forground shots are the aloes (above). These have been growing for years. They are great for digestion upsets and burns of all kinds, including sunburns.

I love marjoram. Almost as much as cilantro.
You can't see the cilantro because it is growing in the lower wheelbarrow behind this one.

Another end to a beautiful day, tea in the herb garden, under the Florida maples.....