Sunday, December 12, 2010

On the Road - Welaka

During the last few days I have been embroiled in computer "health care." I had the hard drive on my Dell crash and had it "repaired," replaced all my programs (myself), hooked up my devices and then had the "motherboard" have problems that made it impossible to use my computer again. Anyway, I am now using an HP laptop. I am not going to spend three days on computer repair to have to do it again. I don't find that type of stuff fun. Some people do. I don't.

So, in honor of not having to spend anymore time uploading and downloading and connecting (except my printer on Monday when Epson's technical support department is available, because, of course I bought the printer that is not listed in the printers to connect) Tom, Masala and I went on a photography road trip to Welaka State Forest. The hike through the Welaka Forest leads to the St. Johns River.

So, on a blustery Sunday off we go. Worries behind us. Adventure paving the way north.

Most people don't think of Florida as having "leaf color." But we do. It is just later in the year.
Mostly in December.
I shot this picture headed north on I-95
around Daytona Beach.

Just a little bit further North, around Ormond Beach, are still some reminders of a fire that took place about two years ago. In Florida, going along any of the main interstates, this is a common site, varying degrees of decaying pine trees from previous fires.

It is actually a healthy forest site. A fire needs to take place periodically to clear out the underbrush. But,  all too often in Florida, fires start out of carelessness: cigarette butts thrown out a car window are the worse!

Isn't he Handsome!

Where was I?
Traveling along I-95 on my way to Welaka.

On the way we go through Crescent City.

It is an old Florida town.

This house looks like a little blue gingerbread house.

 These are houses along the way.

I shot them from the car.

I love the moss hanging in the tree.

Going past Crescent City, Hwy 17 leads into Palatka.
The Fern Capital.

With the cold weather we have had and the freeze that will come tonight, I am sure that everyone is hustling to pick the fern and or to keep the heaters on
to keep the freeze and frost at bay.

It is the bouquets for Valentine's day that the fern growers want to keep the ferns alive and fresh for.

Throughout the area, you see homes that have the ferns growing under oak canopies.

But, there are also the big operations, one or two in town, that have the ferns growing under the big tarps.

I'll share the pictures of Welaka State Forest and the St. John's River in the next post.

It is just great to be playing on the computer not having to be figuring out how to fix it!


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  1. Thank you so much for these photos. That's a part of Florida I'm not familiar with, so I really appreciate learning something new!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment. I'm glad I've inspired you to take part in this blogging world. I will add you to my reading list today!